Ironman Joe’s most recent endeavor is an item he created to help simplify yard maintenance for his wife. An avid gardener, Debby has spent a lifetime in the dirt, so she wouldn’t be satisfied with just anything! Debby’s Digger (isn’t that cute? He named it after her!) is a cleverly designed gardening tool that will put your other tools to shame. Its narrow, sharp, angled blade is handcrafted to fit perfectly between sidewalk cracks and get down to business in other tedious, hard-to-reach places. It simply annihilates weeds. Use it for detailed edgework, for tearing through stubborn roots and, of course, for plain ‘ole diggin’. Order yours today! Grab the handle (which, by the way, is available in multiple colors).
Attack weed.

Warning: This tool is extremely sharp and is not suitable for use by small children.