Specializing in the art of custom metal work.

Joe Robins is an artist from Minneapolis, Kansas, who specializes in the art of custom metalwork. So far, his portfolio includes everything from handcrafted furniture and lamps to unique flower sculptures and custom-designed fences. But, we can't say he'll stop there. Joe, is all for trying his hand at new genres of metalworking as they come his way. In fact, that's really how he stumbled upon this business in the first place.

It all started back in 1992 when he designed a iron fence for his own yard. Using his strong skill as a welder, he crafted a beautiful and elaborate fence design. Word of his talent spread like wildfire through his small mid-western town. In no time, he had plenty of orders to keep him out of trouble in his free time! The business has been building momentum ever since. In the last five years, Joe has committed himself full-time to this craft. Today, his unique pieces can be found in Kansas and other surrounding states, including Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico and Oklahoma.